Worksite Marketing

    What we have found in today's marketplace:

  • No group plan can meet everyone’s insurance needs, especially with the changing needs and lifestyles of today’s diverse

  • In many cases, it’s necessary for an employer to reduce benefits or offer high deductible plans just to meet the demands of
    annual increases for medical insurance.

  • Most employees are under the misconception that if they get hurt or sick that workers compensation or state disability will
    provide them with enough income to meet their daily living expenses.

    We view the important fundamentals of our business as:

  1. Total client/employee satisfaction
  2. Complete and expert knowledge and experience with insurance products
  3. Planning a strategy and scope to meet your requirements
  4. Providing experienced and professional benefit counselors dedicated to helping your employees secure their quality of life and
    future on an individual basis
  5. Commitment to ongoing service to your administrative staff and employees

    We will provide your organization with the best combination of services of any national enrollment organization in the business - a
    package that includes full service to your administrative staff and employees. We will use our extensive experience to customize the
    enrollment experience to your organization's needs and goals.

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