Serving those who Teach our Children

    We provide Teachers and Staff advice in the following key areas, to help them achieve their short and long term goals:
    •        Retirement planning, college funding, long-term care considerations, liquidity and estate conservation.
    Our services are designed to help you answer the following questions:
    •        How can I get more from my current savings and retirement plans?
    •        How can I reduce my exposure to risk?
    •        How much money will I need to live comfortably in retirement?
    •        Am I saving enough?
    •        What is the best way to save for college?
    •        How can I help reduce estate taxes and preserve more of my assets for my heirs?
    •        Do I have the right amount of life insurance?

    We are committed to helping educators develop a retirement planning strategy that meets their time-line, lifestyle and budget. We
    provide alternative retirement planning strategies through software which helps clients determine the best investment options for their
    personal risk tolerance and financial goals.

    Education services: State teacher retirement planning, understanding basic financial principles. Counseling services: STRS/PERS
    retirement benefits,403(b) allowable contributions, IRA/Roth IRA options, retirement  goal setting, retirement shortfall determinations,
    retirement accumulation solutions, retirement income needs analysis, at-retirement income solutions, asset allocation planning and
    education funding evaluations.

    An approved vendor of the Los Angeles Unified School District Innovation and Charter Schools Division as well as a referred vendor
    member of the  California Charter Schools Association our Education Practice offers a one-stop insurance source for private
    schools, charter schools and early childhood development centers of all sizes with single or multiple locations and franchise
    operations. All our insurance carriers are rated “A” or better by AM Best Service.

    With over 25 years of experience, the professionals at ACE Benefits Group Retirement and Insurance Services are dedicated to
    providing public education employees-for certificated & classified staff - with suitable financial choices for retirement planning.

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    Getting Started

    Contact us and let an ABG representative help you determine which type of fixed annuity may be right for you.
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