Products for Families and Businesses

    ACE Benefits Group has developed a particular expertise in helping each family, employee and employer to identify those benefits
    that will best supplement their existing benefit program. We then research the market to determine which carrier or carriers offer the
    best products available to provide those benefits in terms of features, cost, underwriting and ease of administration.

    Life Insurance

    Individual life insurance is primarily designed to protect against the financial loss that the death of a loved one or business partner can
    create. Life insurance provides a death benefit that can provide much needed income to help support your family, your business, or to
    send your children to college. Additionally, life insurance offers some tax advantages.

    Health/Medical Insurance

    Individual and family health insurance is a type of health insurance coverage that is made available to individuals and families, rather
    than to employer groups or organizations.

    Shopping for group insurance has never been easier or more convenient.  We offer a wide selection of the biggest and best names in
    the business. With over 750+ group insurance plans in our nationwide database, you're certain to find a plan that will offer you the
    most value for your insurance dollar.


    ABG distributes a variety of fixed and indexed annuity products to consumers. Whether it's retirement income, wealth accumulation or
    asset protection, your ABG representative can help you select the annuity that's right for you.

    Supplemental Insurance

    Most people have major medical insurance that covers them for most medical cost associated with an injury or an illness. However,
    those plans do not take into account your non-medical expenses like having a roof over your head, gas, electricity or even putting food
    on your table.

    Supplemental policies provide cash benefits that are paid directly to the insured for non-medical expenses or cost associated with
    the treatment of cancer, heart disease, stroke, accidental injury, or hospital confinement for covered conditions.  You can apply for
    individual or family coverage.

    Worksite Marketing

    We will provide your organization with the best combination of services of any national enrollment organization in the business - a
    package that includes full service to your administrative staff and employees. We will use our extensive experience to customize the
    enrollment experience to your organization's needs and goals.
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